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Where others present reports, we train, enable and execute. We will help you to empower your business leading to observable financial and operational benefits.

advise on & help with delivery?

Every engagement is different and so are the needs of our clients. We understand that sometimes you might just need some advice while on other occasions you might require someone to deliver the change for you.  Regardless of your needs we have the cooperation style that is best suited for your:


Full delivery project for clients that need rapid results. We lead and manage the project together with your employees by using a cyclic ‘plan, perform, control, adjust’ process to ensure correct implementation of the redefined process, management systems and management culture.


For the clients that want to deliver their change project by themselves but would still like to have a safety line just in case. Following acceptance of the project we define the approach, direct the progress, coach and review in a 1 week on – 3 weeks off format. The internal team is working on their project’s “to do’s” while we are away.


Sometimes all you need is just a bit of advice or someone independent to identify the potential benefits. Our advisory services are very narrowly focused on specific tasks, i.e.: TOM development, identifying restructuring benefits, creating optimal staffing model, reviewing management skill levels, etc.

Or train your delivery team?

We deliver both traditional skill based training like Active Management, Managing Distance Workers, Lean, 6Sigma and Price 2 and, tailor made operational change and transformation project training. All our training is case study based and delivered by experienced practitioners using real life examples rather the career trainers.



The operational change and transformation training was developed as a practial project team preparation. It trains and reviews all aspects of delivering change including strategic, tactical, cultural, political and technical aspects of an operational transformation project. It is best suited for the internal teams tasked to deliver complex and large operational transformation projects. It is also adjusted every time to fit with your organisation’s needs.



Our skill based training focuses on the technical skills of your managerial and project staff. It is delivered through a mixture of theory, practical examples and practicing within a safe environment and, is often accredited. Amongst others, we can deliver following courses:

  • Active Management – the practical ins and outs of managing teams, great for new supervisors and managers alike
  • Managing Distance Workers – practical approach to managing staff working from home or in remote locations
  • Practical Lean (tailored to industry needs) – Lean training delivered through the prism of real life case studies
  • Practical 6 Sigma (tailored to industry needs) – 6 Sigma training delivered through the prism of real life case studies
  • Prince 2 – the famous project management methodology with a dose of real life project examples



Our coaching and workshop sessions are based around helping your staff to reach the next level of expertise. Training and theoretical learning can take one far however, being coached and able to discuss the challenges faced on real life projects can be the difference between failed and successful delivery. Our coaching sessions are usually done one on one while workshop are delivered to small groups of people. In both cases the aim is to enhance your staff’s skills and understanding.

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To contact us please email us on contact(at)excelr8.management where the “(at)” is changed to “@”.